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I grew up in Southern Indiana , a true mid-western girl.  Running around barefoot in my grandmothers garden and playing house in a grove of pine trees.  It was then that I found my passion.

Flowers.  All the flowers. 

In my work, I gather my inspiration from all things flora, feathered and found.  Vintage floral textiles, old worn quilts, antique bird prints, sun bleached driftwood, and my gardens.  Oh my gardens!

​I love gardening.  I love the feel of the cool earth in my hands on the first warm day of spring.  I love midsummer morning strolls thru my gardens gathering beautifully imperfect and wild bouquets.  Even autumn gardening entrances me with the beauty of naturally dried flowers and seedpods representing an almost flower skeleton among-st a sea of colorful fallen leaves.

From all of this, is where my vision comes clear.

In each piece I create I want to capture a feeling.  A unique balance between a rich, time worn feel and a fresh, youthful feel. I find beauty in giving that once discarded piece a way to continue its story.  

Art is not always about pretty things.  It is about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.
Elizabeth Brown

I have been married for 11 years to this boy I met in the 8th grade.  I guess you could say we just kinda grew up together.  After 12 years of being best friends we got hitched.  After that, we were blessed to be given the role of parents to one cool little boy and two adorable rescued tail waggers.  After years of traveling we currently reside in Southern Indiana.  Back where it all started.  Loving and living life surrounded by friends and family.


Everyone always asks...  Where did you get the name Freckles and Blondie?  Well... 

Meet Freckles and Blondie.

Around 2003, while living in Houston we adopted our first fur baby, Freckles.  She was given to a family that was unable to care for her, so with a soft heart, I took her home with me. The fun part of this story is that Brian didn't know she was ours until the day I brought her home.  He tried to stay strong and say no to the adoption, but with her super sweet demeanor and overall joy to be with us, he couldn't fight it.  Just like me, he was in love with her the moment he met her.  She moved with us several times, enjoyed becoming a big sister to her human baby brother and was just a great big fuzzy ball of joy. Then, several years later, around 2009 while living in Alabama, we adopted our second fur baby, Blondie.  I met Blondie at a pet adoption event where I worked.  She was a victim of the devastating tornadoes that had ripped thru the area.  Again...  Surprise Brian!  We have another dog! 

Throughout the years my husband has been very patient with my love for animals. I will always be a firm believer that we didn't find them, they found us.  Freckles and Blondie were our dynamic duo.  They were fast friends to each other and Freckles was the ultimate role model for Blondie.  Thru many changes in life, they were there.

In 2010, we made the move back home to Indiana.  While making the move, I put my jewelry business aside to focus on family as our son was starting preschool.  Shortly after moving, Freckles passed.  As all pet owners understand, it hurt.  It hurt bad.  So, a couple of years ago my passion of making jewelry and art had not subsided, so I made the decision to open my business again...  But this time, as a tribute to my girls,  

Freckles and Blondie. 

Because just like my belief that they found me, I believe I didn't choose the life of being an artist, it chose me.  I am still struggling, growing, and learning of this gift everyday.

Love shows itself in many, many ways.  I am a firm believer that angels are among us and when your heart tells you something is right...  It usually is. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the story behind the name. 

Love, Julie


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